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About Nicks Pro Painting, Your Trusted Boston Painting Company

Neimar Noe Professional Painter

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Meet The Owner

Neimar Noe is faithful, generous and thoughtful to his customers. He has been a professional painter since 2006 and is committed to deliver the highest customer satisfaction on every job.

“We hire people based on their good character, and them we train them to be great craftsman “

Outside of painting he enjoys grilling, yard working and spending as much quality time possible with his wife Kellen, and his son Nicholas, who was the inspiration for Neimar to open his own business and create a lifetime bond with his customers with a family business.

“We value our clients and our employees as individuals and we look forward to growing true friendships”

Neimar has a delightful love for his wife, who is a vital part of the team, working at the office and dedicated to bring happiness to all employees and customers.



boston painterEstablished in 2012, we at Nicks Pro Painting have provided residents and business within the Metrowest area with top-quality painting services for a few years now. We are a Boston painting company that puts its customers needs above all else, so with Nicks Pro Painting, you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best service around from trustworthy Boston painters!

And while those services of course include painting, we also offer a variety of other non-painting services to help keep your home or business looking stunning. These services include pressure washing and wood staining.

If you want to have the most beautiful home or business possible, then call on the experts at Nicks Pro Painting today! With our many great, beautifying services, we promise to make your home or business POP with color and beauty!

Dedicated to Quality

Nicks Pro Painting was started by Neimar Noe, a veteran in the business, to share his rich experience in this field and pass on the legacy to a new generation of painters.

"As a professional painter myself, I am intensely focused on customer satisfaction, the quality of my work, and strict adherence to the schedule. Therefore, I like to be present and working on every single job in which my company is involved." – Neimar Noe, President – Nicks Pro Painting

Nicks Pro Painting is a fully insured painting company that provides free estimates, satisfaction guarantees, and the finest service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

Residential & Commercial Painting Services

We offer some great painting services in the Boston area to get your home or business looking bright and new! We provide both interior and exterior painting, so your home and business can look great inside AND out. And we even offer cabinet painting services to get your much loved but much WORN cabinetry looking like new again!

Other Services our Boston Painting Company Provides

We also provide some other great services to keep your home looking wonderful for many years to come. These services include pressure washing, wood staining, and deck refinishing. Whether you want the years of grime knocked off your home or its wooden components to POP with color, you can rely on the experts at Nicks Pro Painting to get your home looking as beautiful as you’d ever want it to!

Quality Work from Boston Painting Contractor You Can Trust

Here at Nicks Pro Painting, we pride ourselves on providing nothing but the highest-quality work around. We understand how important your home and business are to you, so we strive to help make them look as beautiful as they possibly can.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home or business’s paint job. GET the best: Get Nicks Pro Painting.

Why Choose Nicks Pro Painting?

Our work always speaks for itself. As a professional Boston painting company we:

  • Review your project and offer the best possible options
  • Develop a strategy to execute the project professionally
  • Adhere to deadlines and expedite the job through planning and seamless execution
  • Maintain a clean and tidy work environment
  • Protect your furniture, landscaping, and other valuables
  • Clean all the dust and debris before leaving

When you hire us, the possibilities for your painting project are endless. We have always strived to stay ahead of our competitors and deliver services that meet the highest standards. We are eager to add you to the list of our satisfied clients.

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