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Why Should You Get Your Popcorn Ceiling Removed if You Live in Boston?

popcorn ceilings boston maPopcorn and cottage cheese: They’re not just foods. They’re also a couple of ways to describe a common type of ceiling here in Boston. You’ve probably seen this kind of ceiling quite a few times before. It looks like your ceiling has a pretty bad case of acne. It’s bumpy and dotted with miniature mountains that peak and crest randomly about it.

This kind of ceiling is one of the most common types in the U.S., and it is so because it is relatively inexpensive to install. However, it does offer its own set of drawbacks that might make a popcorn ceiling a bad option for you. And though the ceiling may be inexpensive from the outset, that low price tag might not be enough to make up for the headaches.

If you find yourself growing more and more sick of your popcorn ceiling, then call on Nicks Pro Painting for a professional popcorn ceiling removal in Boston. With popcorn ceiling removal, you can enjoy ridding yourself of the following headaches inherent in popcorn ceilings in Boston:

They Are Difficult To Repair

Should an errant tree limb permanently install a skylight in your home, you could find yourself dealing with a real quagmire as you get that skylight removed. But doing that, you’ll run into a thicker quagmire: getting your popcorn ceiling to look right again after the damage.

If you are a forward-thinking homeowner, then you might consider that ceiling damage might ever occur. And if you are a homeowner who likes their home to look GOOD, then you might consider having your popcorn ceiling removed before Nature removed a section of it for you. A smooth ceiling is much easier to repair than a popcorn ceiling is, so before it gets to the point that you need to replace your popcorn ceiling, consider having it removed!

Popcorn Ceilings Are Hard To Paint

Because of their lumpy surfaces, it’s hard to get a smooth, full, consistent paint job on a ceiling. Though Michelangelo you might not be, you might find yourself needing or wanting to paint a ceiling. Perhaps your ceiling’s current coat of paint will wear down, or perhaps you might be remodeling your home and want a new ceiling color to match things.

Whatever the case, if you have a popcorn ceiling, you won’t be able to apply a very clean coat of paint on it. And when the aim is to paint your ceiling to make your place look better, a popcorn ceiling will prove to be a hinderance and a headache. Don’t deal with those kinds of problems when you’re renovating your home. Just have your popcorn ceiling removed, and you can enjoy a smooth ceiling that’ll be a breeze to paint!

Popcorn Ceilings in Boston Might Contain Asbestos

The objectively WORST problem inherent in a popcorn ceiling is that some of the older ceilings (about 1980 or earlier) can contain trace amounts of asbestos. We don’t need to go into why that’s a problem. It just is. A serious one should it be present in your home with you and your family.

With an easy, affordable test, you can determine whether your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos. If it does, you need to remove it ASAP. A ceiling that is difficult to repair and paint is a headache. But a ceiling that can give you cancer or other major health issues is a threat to your life. Don’t let your popcorn ceiling affect your health. Just get it removed TODAY.

Get a Professional Boston Painter You Can Trust

To get the most thorough and most beautiful job of removing your popcorn ceiling, you need to call an expert you can trust, and if you live in or around the Boston area, then that expert is Nicks Pro Painting.

Our Boston painters have the experience and the skills necessary to provide you with a top-quality popcorn ceiling removal, so if you’re in the market to rid yourself of your popcorn ceiling, don’t hesitate. Just give the experts at Nicks Pro Painting a call today!

If you are interested in having your popcorn ceilings removed in Boston, call 508-745-7352 or complete our online request form.

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